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Why Should We Care?

by Wanda Balogh

Not long ago, I had to have extensive car repairs done.  I had several choices available as to who would receive my business. It was most important to me that the work be done correctly, by a certified mechanic.  I wanted the person to have not only had training, but someone who had kept up to date on the latest in diagnostic testing and repairs.  I wanted the job done correctly, the first time!

It is important to me, a customer in the retail world, to be assisted by a knowledgeable, competent, professional, not just someone filling a customer service position.  When I need help, I want it from someone who is qualified to do just that.


If our Ohio optician license is not protected, the floodgates will be open, and consumers will be forced to accept, in many cases, low quality products dispensed by undertrained employees.

Why is our continuing education necessary?  Without continuing the development of techniques and procedures, and without knowledge of updated products and their application, we would be no more advanced than opticians of 50 years ago.

We all benefit from education.  Listening to, and interacting with professional speakers helps us in our daily jobs with the suggestion of new options, understanding common and complex problems, and giving us confidence to take on new challenges.

Yes, I have many choices as to where I can obtain the credits needed to maintain my license. Knowing that I am helping to support the OAO, which in turn, works tirelessly to safeguard that license, makes me feel like I am contributing to my profession in more than just a small way. There is no “small contribution”.Every bit of support is crucial, and it all makes a big difference.


Wanda Balogh is a licensed optician in NE Ohio, and a trustee of the OAO.

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